Take a moment and see if you can do the following: Name every item in your kitchen junk drawer.  Now imagine if you had to do that for every drawer, cupboard, closet, and room of your house.  Are you confident in your ability to do so in the event of an accident, an act of nature, or a crime?   Can you prove the current value of special objects or collections?

Insurance companies recommend that the insured have documentation of their possessions, including condition and value, in the event a claim is filed.  Heritage Inventory and Appraisal Services, LLC was formed in December of 2000 by partners B. Kathleen Gallagher and Thomas M. Gallagher.  We draw on training in the art, wine, auction, appraisal, and technology fields to create appraisal reports and inventory databases.

All Heritage Inventory and Appraisal Services clients receive the same professional level of service.  Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and information HIAS receives from clients or prospective clients will be protected. All staff members sign and adhere to a pledge of confidentiality. 

Letters of recommendation can be obtained by request.