Upcoming Classes at Arapahoe Community College

How to do a Home Inventory: Knowing and Proving What is In Your Home
— Kathleen Gallagher
Have you ever heard of Fibber McGee’s closet? Every time he opened it, the contents came crashing down. Whether literal or figurative, almost everyone has a closet or household full of things. And there are times you need to know exactly what you have whether to settle a claim, divide assets, or to plan for the future. While most insurance companies urge you to inventory your positions, have you complied? Learn about the different approaches, resources, tools, and services available. Get the steps necessary to take the methods to document what you have and how to store your inventory.

INDS 1010W01 —Tue, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Jan 29 (1 session))
ACCTBA — $39, $5 material fee to instructor

The Basics of Wine: Demystifying the Grape
— Thomas Gallagher
Do you want to be a little more comfortable with wine but don’t have the time to become and expert or taste thousands of wines? This non-tasting class will help you navigate everyday wine situations. Get tips on reading a restaurant wine list for multiple situations: romantic, office, and family. Learn the basics of food and wine pairing; never let a wine ruin a meal. Discover the best ways to buy wine in your local wine shop. Get a basic understanding of the worlds wine regions and varietals.
Thomas Gallagher has a passion for the wine and spirits market. He served as general manager for Total Beverage and Then Some, where he directed the sale of spirits and gourmet food. He was the director of retail strategies for Drinks.Com and is currently a candidate in the Court of Master Sommelier, Chelston, Tourquay, Devon, England.

CUIS 1002W01 — Tue, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Jan 22 (1 session)
ACC TBA — $39, $5 material fee to instructor