Appraisals - Wine

You pour passion into exploring, selecting, and purchasing art, antiques, and wine.  Your collection expresses your values.  Do you understand the risks of the market?  Do you know the value of your collection?

With state-of-the-art technology, an extensive network of resources, and professional expertise in the wine industry and market, Heritage Inventory and Appraisal services, LLC is prepared to answer complex questions of value.  Our uncompromising dedication to integrity and accuracy produces work on which our clients can rely. 

Heritage Inventory and Appraisal Services, LLC is pleased to offer the following services to wine collectors. 

Appraisals and Reports

  • Appraisals of Charitable Contributions
  • Appraisals of Corporate Collections
  • Appraisals for Insurance Scheduling
  • Appraisals for Estate Tax Liability
  • Appraisals for Equitable Distribution (Divorce and Estate)
  • Appraisals of Winery Library Collections
  • Appraisals of Restaurant Collections
  • Reports of Damage or Loss of Value



We can undertake aspects of research relating to your wine collection: provenance issues, sales history, and authentication. We consult with the appropriate specialists as appropriate to the individual project and as agreed to by the client.

Legal Support

We are available for consultation, litigation support, and expert witness work in matters relating to our field of expertise.

Collection Management

From purchase to sale, there are many management aspects to collecting wine.  We can help with al aspects of the process from acting as your agent in the purchase, to cellar selection, valuation, creating a catalogue, creating a suggested drink schedule and even the decision to sell or de-accession wines from your collection. 

Please contact us for an initial consultation to develop a solution to meet your individual needs.