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August 23, 2008

Hirst's Marketing End Run


August 23, 2008; Page W12
Much hubbub has attended Damien Hirst's decision to sell his art directly via Sotheby's auction house in mid-September without going through his big-name gallerists, Larry Gagosian and Jay Joplin. Some have seen this direct-to-market ploy by the artist as more evidence of his titanic Duchampian originality, as if even the way he plans to sell his work is a radical new art form. According to the Web site Art Observed, Sotheby's spokesman Oliver Barker has offered his perspective that "Damien is totally fearless. He's not just an outstanding artist; he's a cultural phenomenon."   ...(more)

August 22, 2008

Art Crime

Arts Ten Most Wanted Works - WSJ

August 21, 2008

WSJ - An Undercover Master Builds a Force

WSJ article - An Undercover Master Builds a Force

Undercover Masters
The FBI is training a nationwide squad to combat art crime after relying on one man for years.

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