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August 21, 2008

Estate Liquidation – The Final Accounting


Insuring Your New Life

Insuring Your New Life
Acquiring things together means insuring your future together.

Rare-auto breeds retain their allure

Rare-auto breeds
retain their allure
Pebble Beach car auction
tops last year's tally
for prized collectibles

August 21, 2008

August 08, 2008

Marketing, Business improving your skills

Brian Kathenes wrote a good email the other day and I thought I would share a link to his thoughts and links to the books he suggested.


Plus take the time to announce our new bookstore - http://appraisalbooks.zlio.net/


Darraby, Jessica Art, Artifact & Architecture Law Print

Rancic, Bill You’re Hired Print

Dixon, George What Works at Work Print

Carnegie, Dale How To Win Friends Audio

Viscott, David Taking Risks Audio

Schwartz, Eugene Breakthrough Advertising Print

Woods, John & Cortada, James The 2000 ASTD Training and Performance Yearbook Print

Kepner, Charles & Tregoe, Benjamin The New Rational Manager Print

Smullens,SaraKay Cohen Whoever Said Life Is Fair? Print

Darraby, Jessica Setting Yourself Free Print

Schwartz, Roger The Skilled Facilitator Print

Graetz, Rick Montana’s Bob Marshall Country Print

Norris, Floyd & Bockelman, Christine The New York Times Century of Business Print

Berg, Karen & Gilman, Andrew Get To The Point Print

Kepner- Tregoe Analytic Trouble Shooting Print

Plunkett, Lorne & Hale, Guy The Productive Manager Print

Skinder-Strauss Associates The Legal Pages 2005 New Jersey Edition Print

Cottrell, David Monday Morning Leadership Print

Freiberg, Kevin & Jackie NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success Print

Johnson, Spencer Who Moved My Cheese? Print

Gilbert, Rob Gilbert on Greatness (How Sports Psychology Can Make You A Champion) Print

Schwartz, Sandra & Jeff The Scouting Way Print

Service, Robert The Spell of the Yukon Print

Kennedy, Dan No B.S. Sales Success (2) Print

Kennedy, Dan No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs (2) Print

Kennedy, Dan No B.S. Business Success (2) Print

Kennedy, Dan No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs Print

Kennedy, Dan Free Sampler Book Print

Gardner, Jameson & Williams, Elliott The Drinking Man’s Diet Print

Brooks, Edward Key to New Mental Arithmetic Print

Evenchick, Barry The American Century Series Livingston, New Jersey Print

Vance, Dean & Deacon, Diane Think Out Of The Box Print

Keates, Nancy The Wall Street Journal Guide to The Business of Life Print

Harvey, Eric & Ventura, Steve Forget For Success Print

Anderson, Judy Teeing Off To The Green: Using Golf As A Business Tool Print

National Civil War Centennial Commission Civil War Highlights Print

Eisenberg, Abne Dr. Job Talk Print

Pearson, Carol Magic at Work Print

Helms, Randel Gospel Fictions Print

Lucado, Max Give It All to Him Print

Barbour Publishing The Bible Promise Book

Print Ford, Leighton Meeting Jesus Print

Helms, Randall McCraw Who Wrote The Gospels? Print

Zondervan The NIV Study Bible Print

Baker, Sam Your Key To Creative Thinking Print

Lakein, Alan How To Get Control Of Your Time and Your Life Print

Engelhardt, Lisa Acceptance Therapy Print

Peale, Norman Vincent Enthusiasm Makes the Difference Print

Hammer, Michael & Stanton, Steven The Reengineering Revolution Print

Hoff, Benjamin The Tao of Pooh Print

Byham, William Zapp! The Lighting of Empowerment Print

Whiteley, Richard & Hessan, Diane Customer Centered Growth Print

Gayle, Margot & Cohen, Michele The Art Commission and the Municipal Art Society Guide to Manhattan’s Outdoor Sculpture Print

Allesandra, Tony, Phil Wexler Non-manipulative Selling Audio

Connellan, Tom Inside the Magic Kingdom Print

Schoel, Jim; Prouty, Dick & Radcliffe, Paul Islands of Healing Print

Musashi, Miyamoto A Book of Five Rings Print

Dodd, Mead & Co. Collected Poems of Robert Service Print

Select Registry Distinguished Inns of North America (Fifteenth Edition) Print

JewelerProfit, Inc. Geller’s Blue Book to jewelry Repair & Design Print

Nora, John; Rogers, C. Raymond & Stramy, Robert Transforming the Work Place Print

Hartunian, Paul How to get $ 1 Million Worth of Publicity Free! (Master Manual) Print

Hartunian, Paul How to get $ 1 Million Worth of Publicity Free! (Media Directory) Print

Hartunian, Paul How to get $ 1 Million Worth of Publicity Free! (Deluxe Manual) Print

Hartunian, Paul Paul Hartunian’s Professional Speaker Training Program Volume 1 Print

Hartunian, Paul Paul Hartunian’s Professional Speaker Training Program Volume 2 Print

Hartunian, Paul Paul Hartunian’s Million Dollar Publicity Letter Issue’s 1-50 Print

Hartunian, Paul Paul Hartunian’s Million Dollar Publicity Letter Issue’s 51-101 Print

Hartunian, Paul Confessions of a Road Warrior Print

Hartunian, Paul Working With Agents and Speakers Bureaus Print

Hartunian, Paul Offering Peripheral Products Print

Hartunian, Paul How Speakers Can Break Into The Corporate Market Print

Hartunian, Paul How to Find Enough Speaking Engagements to keep You Busy, Happy and Wealthy Print

Sabah, Joe How to get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Print

Bradley Communications Corp. Bradley’s Guide to the Top National TV Talk & Interview Shows Print

Hopkins, Claude Scientific Advertising Print

BNI Member Success Program Print

Kennedy, Dan Renegade Millionaire Day 2007 (2) Audio

Kennedy, Dan Big Mouth, Big Money Print

Glazer-Kennedy Super Conference 2007 (2) Audio

Kennedy, Dan Having the Confidence and Power to Achieve Maximum Dollars and Wealth Audio

Kennedy, Dan The Ultimate Sales Letter Print

Kennedy, Dan The Ultimate Marketing Plan Print

Glazer-Kennedy Sales & Persuasion Strategies Audio

Glazer-Kennedy Sales & Persuasion Strategies (Weapons Permit)(Transcription Materials)(Presentation Materials) Print

Hartunian, Paul How to Get $1 Million Worth of Publicity Free! Audio

Hartunian, Paul Paul Hartunian’s Professional Speakers Training Program Audio

Hartunian, Paul How to Think Like A Millionaire Audio

McMannis, Jeff & Harshbarger, Steve The Ultimate Swipe File 2! Audio

Heritage Auction Galleries Selling Your Vintage Collectibles at Auction Audio

Gleeck, Fred How to Get Your Own Radio Show in 7 Days or Less Audio

Bayfront Productions Bayfront Productions Corporate Samples Audio

BGS Marketing Power Thinking Audio Galloway, Paul Marketing Alchemy Print

Bly, Bob How to Double your Response Rates at Half the Cost Print

Boduch, Robert How to Double your Business in the Next 90 Days! Print

Benson, Richard Secrets of Successful Direct Mail Print

Grossman, Gordon Confessions of a Direct Mail Guy Print

Brodow, Ed Beating the Success Trap Print

Poynter, Dan Self-Publishing Manual How to Write, print and Sell Your Own Book Print Stanek, William Increase Your Web Traffic Print

Williams, Roy Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads Print

Parker, Glenn Team Players and Team Work Print

O’Brien, Michael Profit From Experience Print

Matarazzo, Robert Marketing for Success Print

Misner, Ivan Givers Gain – The BNI Story Print

Nierenberg, Andrea Nonstop Networking Print

Nierenberg, Andrea Million Dollar Networking Print

Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Marketing & Moneymaking SuperConference Print

Sarason, Irwin Abnormal Psychology Print

Dale, Ernest The Great Organizers Print

Pfiffner, John The Supervision of Personnel Print

Holtz, Herman How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant Print

Browne, Harry How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World Print

Swenson, Jack The Building Blocks of Business Writing Print

Rohnke, Karl Cowstails and Cobras II Print

Silberman, Mel 101 Ways to Make Training Active Print

Von Oech, Roger A Kick in the Seat of the Pants Print

IBM Manufacturing Industry Modular Application Systems Training Print

U.S. Small Business Administration Recordkeeping in Small Business Print

Stanish, Bob Hippogriff Feathers Print

Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Program Print

Inc. Magazine Small Business Success (2) Print

Training Magazine America in Training Print

Learning International Decision Making Enhancing Creativity Print

Nanus, Burt The Vision Retreat – A Participant’s Workbook (5) Print

Loehr, James & McLaughin, Peter Mental Toughness Print

Ziglar, Zig “See You At The Top” Print Anderson, Allen The Relevance of Education & Training in a Competitive, Global Business Environment Print

Swenson, Jack The Building Blocks of Business Writing Print

Larranaga, Larry Sales and Marketing Management Print

Gschwandtner, Gerhard Selling Power Print

Price Waterhouse Doing Business in New Jersey Print

Thomas, Kenneth & Kilmann, Ralph Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument Print

Boardroom Reports The Book of Business Knowledge Print

New Jersey Dept. of Labor Employer Handbook Print

Lefevre, Dale New Games for the Whole Family Print

Arredondo, Lani Print The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course Business Presentations Print

Goldratt, Eliyahu The Goal Print

Brown, Paul Managing Behavior on the Job Print Antion, Tom Electronic Marketing for Small Business Print

Johnson, David & Frank Joining Together Print

Bolles, Richard A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters & Career-Changers Print

Soundview Executive Books Skills for Success Print Novak, Christopher Conquering Adversity Print

Wurman, Richard The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money & Markets Print

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants What else can Financial Statements tell you? Print

Navy Publications & Printing Service Don’t Talk…Communicate Print

Bay Head Marketing Why Salespeople Fail Print

The Walk The Talk Company The leadership Secrets of Santa Claus Print

Association of Small Business Development Centers Procurement Opportunities Guide Print

Colan, Lee Sticking to It – The Art of Adherence Print

Cottrell, David & Layton, Mark Listen Up! Customer Service Print

Buhagiar, Marion & Edelston, Martin Battle Plan for American Business Print

Berg, Karen & Gilman, Andrew Get To The Point Print

Karvelas, Katherine Winning With Teamwork Print

August 03, 2008

The Future of Estate Taxes


The Future of Estate Taxes
August 3, 2008
Q: I read your recent answer to a reader question about estate taxes. Part of your answer stated that the estate tax is supposed to disappear entirely in 2010. I seem to recall that when the current rules were put in place several years ago, unless Congress makes changes, starting in 2011 the exemption reverts back to the $600,000 limit that was in place before the current rules were enacted. Is that the case? Also, what will happen to the step-up in basis for inherited assets?

--G.H.P, Sacramento, Cali

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