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January 18, 2008

Scanning important documents

Here is one of the nicest pieces of technology out there today. The Fuijitsu ScanSnap range, available for Windows and Mac operating systems. When doing a an inventory of your stuff, it is also wise to review your important documents and consider what you might want a digital back-up of, these scanners make quick work of the job once you have figured out what needs scanning.
Mac Windows

January 15, 2008

Protecting your data

While this is not directly related to home inventories, this certainly qualifies as a way to protect what you have and is an important reminder for anyone with vital information on your computers.

While Apple made it infinitely easier to backup your data on a regular basis with the addition of Time Machine in Leopard, you still were tethered to an external hard drive.  Now they have eliminated the tether and given us Time Capsule, a wireless base station that serves as a very large wireless external hard drive that Time Machine can use to keep your data safe. 

Apple 1TB Time Capsule 

Apple 500GB Time Capsule 

This is a major improvement for everyone looking to make sure they never lose family photos, videos, financial data and more.

Think of this as another push for everyone to keep track and safely guard what is important to them. 


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