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July 06, 2008

Dealing with inheritance

From the Denver Post artcle

The inheritance included the house
Plenty of headaches can result when inheriting a loved one's real estate


A couple of keys pioeces from the article -

-"Take a couple of weeks to grieve. It's an emotional process," Fowler said.

One exception to this suggestion is if the deceased lived alone. Then, someone should be sure to safeguard the property from vandals or even family members who may be tempted to take personal property to which they're not entitled. - 


-Asset inventory blues
Preparing an inventory of the estate isn't always simple. More than one house could be involved in the inheritance.
"A lot of times, if the person is just living on their own, it's a challenge to track down all the assets," he said.
This process must be completed within three months. - 

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