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January 28, 2008

National Wear Red Day

For the past several years, Heritage Inventory & Appraisal Services, L.L.C. has support National Wear Red Day.  I am not sure why this has not occured to me earlier, but for those wine marketing people out there, why not incorporate this with red wine?

So for everyone out there looking for an additional marketing idea for February 1st.  Restaurants and Wineries.

A list of women owned wineries can be found here.

I did note that Rideau Vineyards was not on the list. 

A very unexhaustuve list of wineries with female winemakers. 

go high end with consulting winemakers -

Helen Turley, Mia Klein, Cathy Corison, and Heidi Barrett Peterson

or you go with this list

Jean Arnold (Hanzell Vineyards, Sonoma, CA)
Judy Beardsall (Ananda di Toscana,Tuscany, Italy)
Gay Callan (Chatom Vineyards, Murphys, CA)
Rhonda Carano (Ferrari-Carano, Healdsburg, CA)
Jane Delaney (The Ravensvale Group, Australia)
Elizabeth Grant Douglas (La Crema Winery, Windsor, CA)
Patti Hoffman (Spellbound Wines, Napa, CA)
Violet Grgich (Grgich Hills Cellar, Rutherford, CA)
Merry Edwards (Meredith Vineyard Estate, Russian River Valley, Windsor, CA)
Joan Flowers (Flowers Vineyard & Winery, Cazadero, CA)
Gina Gallo (Gallo of Sonoma Winery, Healdsburg, CA)
Jennifer Higgins (Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery, Healdsburg, CA)
Patricia Kluge (The Kluge Estate & Winery, Charlottesville, VA)
Anne Moses (Patz and Hall, Napa, CA)
Gabriela Negrete (Montes Winery, Apalta Valley, Chile)
Dr. Sua Newton (Newton Vineyards, St. Helena, CA)
Claude de Nicolay (Domaine Chandon de Brailles, Burgundy, France)
Susie Selby (Selby Winery, Healdsburg, CA)
Joy Sterling (Iron Horse Vineyards, Sebastopol, CA)
Margi Wierenga (Brogan Cellars, Healdsburg, CA)

Just an idea, what do you think? 


January 26, 2008

A quick note on Estate Sales

After reading the January 26th WSJ Wine Notes I was again reminded of the difficulties pf being a wine appraiser in the US.

The problem is the first question posed:

I went to an estate sale where I purchased assorted bottles of wine, reds and whites from California from 1995 to 1998. They were $1 each. The person selling them said they were stored "correctly." Are they too old and should I just throw them in the waste can? Or is there a chance that they may still be all right to consume?

--Joyce Young, Jacksonville, Fla

I agree with their answer - I would certainly place a $1 bet on these wines.  But, was it actually legal for these wines to be sold?   

Wine & Money - the industry take

Some of you know some of you don't, I am currently a candidate with the Wine MBA program at BEM Management School.  After reading the January 26th WSJ lead editorial on the Global Fed I could not help but think about the effects on the wine industry.

In our session last March Australian producers that were hedging currency were looking at $0.85 US to the AUS$ it is now at $0.8801.  When we started the program in January of 2007 the Euro was at around $1.30 and now it is $1.48. 

What does this mean, it means that the quality wine at reasonable prices that the American consumer has relied upon will be harder to come by in 2008.  Europe and Australia have relied on the US and the UK for increased consumption and the US for relative pricing stability for over a decade, and that could be coming to an end.  Wild currency flucuations will not be helpful for the wine industry.  It has become increasingly global industry and this unpredictable financial future could truly hurt an industry that is just getting over severe wine gluts in France and Australia.

My one hope is that the american wine industry will learn how to properly export their wine instead of the situation we currently where tip number one for Decanter magazine's August 2007 issue is "Don't bother trying to find good value Californian wines outside the US."  We are doing nothing to improve the image american wine abroad.

It will be interesting to see what the shake out will be from all of this. 

January 21, 2008

End of year wine investing round up

As may day job is still as a wine appraiser, I thought I would provide a few links to some end of year market commentary and stats.

Two of my favorite sites are Liv-Ex and Vinfolio's The Wine Collector blog.

Liv-Ex has a great page that links to the major wine investment articles, Liv-Ex is based in the UK so you have to get used to that slant and the papers they tend to link.

The Wine Collector blog is written by the founder of Vinfolio, Stephen Bachman, and covers wine collecting and investment, sometimes in depth and sometimes the surface.

What is interesting is that Stephen has written a couple of posts and written about recent articles on wine investing and everyone including myself seems to be coming to the same conclusion, fine wine prices will continue to rise due to a wid erange of reasons.

Here is a paper I wrote for the Wine MBA that I am in the process of completing that covers the topic of fine wine prices Wine Economics essay.

Here are the relevant Wine Collector blogs.

How collecting is changing

Why wine investing is a hot topic

Since most of these were written with the perspective of a relatively rosy and stable 2007, will the picture remain the same?  I believe it will because the fundamentals of the fine wine market cannot change that much and the forces causing the increasing pressures on price and demand in the fine wine sector will only continue to grow as the global distribution of fine wine continues to expand.  Will there be hiccups, yes, but I think the fundamentals are still strong.

The question for any wine investor is, what gets classified as fine wine.  That is the part that will be left of to the market. 


January 20, 2008

Judge Fitzwater - what do you mean?

Judge Fitzwater has possibly changed the direct to consumer model.  What will this new possible requirement, making out of state retailers work through Texas distributors, do to the next steps in the process of attempting to get the American wine consumer better access to the wines they woild loike to enjoy?

The WSJ article (subscription required) goes into further detail and there is an array of other analysis out there in the wine blogosphere.


Ship Compliant 

ReThinnk Wine Blog 

Avenue Vine 

January 17, 2008

Tribute to an icon

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Drayton's Family Wines

Hunter Valley winemaker Trevor Drayton, described as an "icon" by colleagues, was one of two men killed in a huge explosion today that blew parts of a building 50 metres away and demolished 20 metres of brick wall.



January 10, 2008

Because I love this video

January 09, 2008

Oh what have you done?

Having invested in the most capital intensive model of wine web retailing, seems intent on ruining the whole concept of direct shipping for everyone.

While this may temporarily give some press, I do not believe hurting your consumer is the way to go, particularly in such a sensitive fight over the legal wranglings involving direct shipping laws.

With these new developments I am inclined to agree with Steve Bachman of Vinfolio.  The consumer is missing in this fight for choice and access to wine.  While Steve recommends supporting the retailers that are part of Specialty Wine Retailers Association and I agree with that, I would also suggest joining the fight through Free the Grapes.

In the end consumers need to fight for access to wine.  Access to wine from the retailer down the street, the winery in the next county over, the next state over, and from retailers and wineries overseas.

The consumer also needs to start fighting for their rights of personal property, an issue that I will cover again and again.  Let me just say, it is easier to resell a gun you may own than it is to sell your wine collection in most states.

January 01, 2008

Wine Retailers

A list of few retailers that provide affiliate compensation.
If you want to read up on international wine e-commerce sites - here is good study.
Chateau Online - a UK based retailer

ChateauOnline-Europes leading online wine merchant

Ebrosia - A wine retaler shipping only to Germany and Austria

Zum prickelnden Genuss - hier klicken!

Laithwaites a UK based retailer

Laithwaites - Specialists in great value wine.

Morrell's - with a space in Rockefeller in New York City

Morrell Wine: We Deliver Almost Anywhere

The Wine Messenger

The Wine Messenger - the big boy of internet wine retailing

Great holiday gift ideas

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