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July 29, 2008

A New wine bookstore

I just started a new bookstore solely for wine related books - I will continue to add books and comments as I find them.

Find it here: Heritage Wine Bookstore 

Let me know if there is something in particular you would like to get.



July 15, 2008

Wine Investment in China

ICBC launches China's first wine trust

    BEIJING, July 15 -- China's largest bank has launched the country's first wine trust project, in the hope that alternative investments may prove to be fruitful amid the sluggish global capital market.  More

July 13, 2008

So much for Domestic beer

Well, it looks like non of the top 3 brewing companies in the US will be US companies come tomorrow.  InBev will takeover AB. 

AB - Bud, Michelob etc - will now be owned by InBev a Belgian - Brazilian co.

Miller -  is owned by SAB Miller a UK - South African co

Coors - is part of Molson Coors a US - Canadian co, but marketed in the US by the new (as of July 1st)Miller Coors joint venture.

So no - we really don't have a major US beer wholly owned by a US company anymore. 


Yes, I do realize there is a lot that has to happen before the AB InBev deal actually goes through. 

July 10, 2008

A fun new concept - from France!?

One of my favorite weekly emails is from Springwise - they also do an email called trendwatching

Well, I finally got around to reading a recent email and I loved the wine idea they included.

Wine by the trial size tube - from a company called WineSide.  There is so much that can be done with this it is ridiculous. 

July 07, 2008

A fine example of stupid alcoholic beverage laws

Buying wine at a winery and then having a picnic - is it legal?

Sonoma Press Democrat -

 Loosening wine limits
Many buy bottle of wine, then drink it at vineyard, likely never knowing they are breaking state law, but legislation may soon remedy situation

Sunday Liquor Sales in Colorado

Denver Post - take

Coloradans tap into Sunday sales
By Tom McGhee and Jessica Fender

Rocky Mountaine News  - take

Liquor sold on Sunday - world doesn't end

TORKELSON: Worshippers just drink in the spirit 


Personal opinion - let the owner and the consumer decide when they should be open. 

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