July 07, 2008

Sunday Liquor Sales in Colorado

Denver Post - take

Coloradans tap into Sunday sales
By Tom McGhee and Jessica Fender

Rocky Mountaine News  - take

Liquor sold on Sunday - world doesn't end

TORKELSON: Worshippers just drink in the spirit 


Personal opinion - let the owner and the consumer decide when they should be open. 

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February 18, 2008

So much for helping the consumer

Liquor store owners have again proven that it is who shows up not who is helped that wins the day.

 The Denver Post article is here.

Someday the legislature will realize that the average citizen is being harmed by the current state of affairs.

As I have stated many times in the class I teach at Arapahoe Community College, there are too many Mom & Pops with too much inventory out there that is not being handled properly. 

I am a firm believer in the power of small business, I am also a firm believer in the power of competition and true capitalism.  The one person one license law in Colorado is damaging to the consumer, and damaging to the business that are actually running effecient healthy stores.

The law as it stands helps the little guy - fine. It also helps the distributors, by eliminateing true buying power.

It does not help the state as many state, the tax revenue gained with the addition of Sunday sales would more than make up for the lower prices.

 See the Heartland Institute brief from August 2004 


Will somebody let he consumer win, please. 

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February 07, 2008

Colorado - helping the consumer a little bit

Just saw this article on the Rocky Mountain News website.

Finally, this should be good for the consumer.  Liquor store owners would be able to have up to three licenses instead of the one today.  This is certainly not perfect, but it should help.

Grocery stores will provde the consumer access to better prices on the big brands and small liquor stores should be incentivized to provide a better product overall.   

Any thoughts?

PS - not sure what Shaffer means by removing all the arbitrary provisions, isn't three licenses arbitrary? 

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